4 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Patients This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Your office may not be open this week, but you can still say thank you to your patients. Here are four ways that you can give thanks to your patient in your office or online.

1. Thanksgiving Thank You Post

Before or on Thanksgiving Day, post a thank you for your patients on your social media pages. In the caption of the post you can write about how your patients have helped you fulfill your passions or what you have learned from your patients. Further, you can encourage patients to share the post with people they want to thank this holiday season. Not only are you growing your social media pretense, you are also showing your patients how much you appreciated them throughout the year.


2. Giveaway

Whether in office or online, a giveaway can engage patients with your office while saying thanks this Thanksgiving. If you want to do the giveaway online, post a photo explaining the giveaway on your social media. Most social networks frown upon creating a giveaway just to generate engagement. For example, do not give a prize to any patient that only likes, shares, or comments a specific word on the post. Be more creative! For example, a good social media giveaway would give a $25 visa gift card for a patient that shares their most heartwarming thanksgiving memory or best holiday photo.

If your office is open Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday of this week, ask patients to write down what they are thankful for when they check into their appointment. Remember to ask the patients to write down their phone number or email on the paper so you can call or email them if they win. Then, at the end of the work week, randomly select a winner. What do you do after the giveaway? Share the good news! With the patient’s permission, take their photo and post it to your social media.

3. Offer

A great way to say thanks to your patients this thanksgiving is to give them a discount or offer. For example, in addition to your thank you post on Thanksgiving Day, announce an offer that patients can redeem in the month of December. For example, give 50% off on whitening treatment for the holiday season. Nothing says thank you like a token of your appreciation!

4. Donation

This is another activity you can do in-office or online. If you do this online, ask patients to name their favorite charities in the comments of your post. Then, randomly chose one charity to donate to in that patient’s name. For an in-office giveaway, ask your patients to share their favorite charity when they check-in. You are not only thanking your patients, but you are also giving to a cause that they care about.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember the people that we care about and appreciate what they have done and helped us with over the pervious year. No matter how you do it, tell your patient you are thankful for them. And from all of us at Lucent Spot Marketing thank you for supporting our blog, passions, and dental marketing community. And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

How will You Thank Your Patients This Thanksgiving?

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