How to make a testimonial video

Using a Testimonial Video to Gain New Patients

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Today’s online sphere demands engaging content. A testimonial video captures and holds audiences for a longer amount of time than written content or stationary graphics. Amplify your practice’s credibility through a testimonial video. Below are a few considerations before you find a patient and hit record.

Technical Details

After you have chosen the ideal candidate to feature in your testimonial video, it is time to set-up to record. Pick a place with a neutral background. This can range from a blank wall in your office to your lobby to an op room. Make sure that the background does not have unnecessary movement or sound that may distract the viewer. To produce a professional testimonial video, hire a videographer. This person is trained to set-up the correct lighting, sound, and camera settings to make the best video in your space.

Secondly, to make a quality testimonial video you will need someone to fill the director role. This can be you, an office manager, or another staff member. This person will take the point-of-view of the viewer. While filming, they can adjust the talent’s (patient you are recording) hair, watch for awkward scenes, and encourage the talent to smile! This may seem nonessential, however, you will be glad that you designated this role when replaying the testimonial video.

Testimonial Video Tips

Key Questions for a Testimonial Video

Prompting patients with the right questions can help them express their experience without leaving out key details. For the testimonial video, follow the inverted triangle rule. Put the most important information first and then widdle it down to the fine details at the end. Many consumers have short attention spans. This will give them the core of the message at the start. During the editing phase, you can determine the scenes to put in the beginning to follow this format. Below are a few questions you may ask during the testimonial interview.

  1. “Can you summarize your experience in one sentence?”
  2. “How did [DENTAL OFFICE] go the extra mile during your procedure?”
  3. “What brought you to [DENTAL OFFICE]?”
  4. “Would you recommend [DENTAL OFFICE]? Why?”
  5. “How did [DENTAL OFFICE] help you before, after, and during the procedure?”
  6. “Why did you choose [DENTAL OFFICE]?”
  7. “How has your experience with [DENTAL OFFICE] affected your relationships and your life as a whole?”
  8. “How long was the procedure from consultation to end?”
  9. “Is there anything else you would like to add?”

Placement and Promotion

Now that your video is completed, decide how you will diffuse it among potential and current patients. Best digital placements are on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google My Business pages. Before posting the video, increase the excitement around the video’s release with a short teaser video or simply, a graphical post. Once the video is posted encourage patients to comment. Lastly, it is okay, to post the video more than once. Whether this is on different platforms or at multiple times during the year.


Testimonials are a powerful tool to increase credibility and trustworthiness for your practice. With these simple tips, you can develop an amazing testimonial video of your best customers.

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