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In your dental practice, management can make or break your office’s success. Make an environment that team members feel happy and safe within. This will help your team grow and thrive. Below are a few tips to help your practice prosper.

1. Team Bonding

An activity such as a holiday party, a day at the escape room, or a lunch-in can increase morale. When staff members feel happy together, they are more likely to ask for help and build each other up. Remember,  focus on the activity, not work items. Spend the day having fun — derelict of ‘work talk’. For the best results, big activities can be done once a quarter, and smaller activities can be planned once a month.

2. Be Understanding and Caring

The attention that you give your staff reflects on the attention they give their job and you. Thus, show that you care by asking about their family and wishing them a happy birthday. Bonds between workers simply begin on a friendly, human level. Also, when a day does not go as planned, try to understand. All and all, let logic talk before your emotions.


3. Reward Top Performers

Staff will be more excited to come to work if they feel continually challenged. Of course, unrealistic expectations will discourage them, but a realistic, fun challenge can add spice to everyday work life. For example, reward employees that meet collection projections and complete treatments efficiently. Reward top performer’s efforts in front of the group at a staff meeting or staff party. This will elevate their recognition and encourage other members to reach their own goals.

4. Encourage Fun!

Remember, the best advice for an office is to set clear expectations but encourage fun. Like they say, time flys when you’re having fun. Incorporate your own humor into the day to make the staff feel at home. The more comfortable they feel, the happier they will be to complete their assignments.

Every office has a different personality; however, being clear on expectations, rewarding top performers, bonding, and promoting fun can strengthen staff relationships in your practice. For more information on management strategies and tips contact Lucent Spot Marketing, today!

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