Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Made Easy For Your Dental Practice – A DIY Guide

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Small businesses, like your dental practice, can now easily create Facebook Ads that meet your goals and target the right people. On May 7, 2019, Facebook announced a new ad feature that optimizes ongoing Facebook Ads. Let’s jump into how this update can help you. What’s New With Facebook Ads? Unless you are boosting an already existing post, creating a …

Dental Anxiety

Increase New Patients By Reducing Dental Anxiety In Your Office

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Many patients struggle with dental anxiety which can stop them from going to the dentist. There are a number of ways your dental office can create a comfortable environment for your patients to reduce their anxiety. Here are a few you can start implementing today! 1. Decor The color of your office walls and the decor in the lobby sets …

Lead Marketing Funnel

How to get New Patients Through Lead Marketing Funnels

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Lead Marketing Funnels are a great tactic to use to generate new patients and continue to nurture potential patients until they are ready to come in for an appointment. A lot of people ask us about Marketing Funnels and how they work. The main function of marketing is to bring in new leads. So, whether you are sending an email, …