How to be Unpopular in the Social Media Marketing World

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Learn the Do's and Do Not's of Social Media Marketing to enhance your practice's efforts.

Think you are doing everything right with your social media? The horrific reality is that you may be following every marketing rule book but you are still not achieving results. Leave your unrewarded efforts at the door as we teach you the do’s and do not’s of social media marketing.  Simply said, marketing is about persuading people not satisfying guidelines. So kids and marketing professionals do not try these tips at home, or the office, if you want to achieve marketing success.

Tip 1: Do not spam followers... Do engage with your fanbase

1. Do Not- Spam followers with sales messages

Your followers are valuable fans that should be treated as VIP brand guests. Create a luxury follower experience with valuable content, special giveaways, and exclusive deals- not a 1970s car commercial. You may wonder, “if I do not send promotional messages, how will I monetize my fan base?” Your content and brand will be enough to encourage your biggest fans to buy.

Do- Engage with followers

Send each user one private message when they follow/like your page thanking them for the action. You can include a link to your website and a brief description of your company. Write the message as if you were messaging your best friend about your company. Next, engage on the platform through likes, comments, shares, stories, etc.. A simple comment about someone’s photo, and not mentioning your product, is valuable to your followers and may incline them to visit your website. Overall tip: be friendly, not pushy.

Tip 2: Do not only post about your product... Do post good content and post occasionally about your product

2. Do Not- Only post about your product

Marketing is about how the product can transform the lives of the consumer, not the physical attributes of the product. Consider this, most magazines do not have page after page of t-shirts against white backgrounds, so neither should your social media sites.

Do- Post good content and occasionally mention your product

Focus on posting about the product’s values, benefits, and desired lifestyle. For example, if you are a dental office, do not post hundreds of photos of teeth, rather advertise a carefree lifestyle with healthy teeth. In balance with the desired lifestyle, your industry should be clear at the first glance of your page. Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of posts are lifestyle and 20% of post are product promotions. Some may argue that Instagram hosts content for niche audiences; therefore, before and after photos of teeth can be effective. However, this is a difficult feat and a safe strategy is to post the lifestyle advantages of your product.

Tip 4: Do not overwhelm with hashtags... Do use trending hashtags to help potential customers find you

3. Do Not- Overwhelm with hashtags

If you signed-up for the social media circus, here is your first balancing act: choosing the right amount of effective hashtags. Top hashtag mistakes are hashtagging every word on twitter, filling Instagram with 30 unstrategiezed tags, and ignoring competitors. Hashtags bring together social media communities; likewise, generating them in a vacuum is unproductive.

Do- Use trending hashtags to help potential customers find you

First of all, marketing is not about reinventing the wheel, it is about spinning the wheel in the most efficient and profitable way. Start all marketing efforts by looking at competitor’s social media accounts and noting how many and what type of hashtags they use. Next, research the community that is using your competitor’s hashtags. For example, if your top competitor on Twitter uses the #dentist, type this into the search bar. Notice that search results mix between patients and dental offices. After finding your competitors top hashtags, use a few trending hashtags. These can be found on a third party system such as RiteTag. Trending tags will increase your likes, shares, and followers.

Tip 4: Do not be boring... Do post often but always post quality content

4. Do Not- Be Boring

This may seem self-explanatory; however, many brands miss the mark by centering their accounts around the product or service’s physical attributes. This correlates to the second tip do not only post about your product. Although, this advice expands on your comments, status updates, and overall brand personalities. Breathe life into your words because your company is not an auto-reply comment. An easy way to achieve this is to use a consistent voice with quality content to engage your audience.

Do- Post often, but always post quality content

The majority of marketing blogs will tell you that posting often will lead to more followers and increased revenue. However, if you do not post images, engage with users, and connect to your website site you will not monetize your brand– even if you have 1,000 posts promoting 75% off all items. Followers tell you every day what content works and what does not. Replicate the concepts of posts that generate good engagement to follower ratios. (Instagram .2-.3%, Facebook .05- .15%, Twitter .04 – .2%, YouTube 10 – 50%) The higher the percentage, the more followers are engaging with your brand, and the more likely they will buy from your company.

The Do's and Do Not's of social media marketing

Take away:

Do not be that friend on social media that yells product promotions like an out-of-date car salesman. Today’s best brands are relatable to their typical customer. You don’t have to be a wolf in sheep’s wool to blend into your fan base. Appeal to them with valuable content and share your unique brand personality. For quick reference to the four tips, download our free infographic.

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  1. I agree with you. Social media are playing vital role in marketing. For that a social media marketer needs to know what he can do or what he can’t don’t. At this point your post will help make the marketer aware. It also helps me a lot. Keep it up.

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