Social Media Trends for 2018 You Cannot Ignore

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2018 is here and we can’t wait to share these Social Media Trends! So, the ball has dropped and the office is back in the swing of things. It is time to start fresh and generate healthy new year’s resolutions for your dental practice. Break out the pens, open up the 2018 calendar, and get ready to print the top social media trends for 2018.

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1. Why Live Streaming?

First of all, with more demand for easily digestible video content, live streaming has converted from an add-on to an essential. The expansion of video content and live streaming flourished in 2017, but the 2018 effect will be astronomical. So, one tool in marketing is to recognize consumer trends and update in conjunction with them. The data shows that 78% of online audiences are watching Facebook Live videos which signal offices to increase their native and live video content. Additionally, one way to overcome Facebook’s algorithm is to use native and live video content for a healthy new year’s resolution.

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2. When office personalize their messages?

Also, the days of mass marketing on social media are declining as one to one marketing takes priority. Consumers are overwhelmed with advertisements! And, marketers are using personal connections with rough data to break through the clutter. It is much easier to retain a patient than to gain a new one. However, with an increase in information from the internet, patients are harder to retain. Simply, patients decrease brand loyalty when more information is available. For your 2018 calendar, continue to maintain personalized, meaningful relationships with patients via social media, community events, direct mail, and in-office marketing.

3. How is Facebook eliminating organic posts?

When Facebook first designed their algorithm in 2006, it was fairly simple. The said different elements are correlated with points which are multiplied by the number of interactions on a post to generate the rank order for content that appears in a user’s feed. Now, fast forward to the social media trends of 2018, where many changes and complaints have been noted. Facebook says that the updated algorithm helps sort the competitive, oversaturated news feed. They do this to tailor content that is most important to each user. So, this means that posted content must be selectively created and targeted to reach audiences organically. Here are a few more ways to reach audiences:

  • Post targeted, meaningful content
  • Encourage audience engagement so they see more content
  • Use live streaming
  • Implement Paid Ads: More Money = More Engagement

4. Why are 6-second ads the new norm?

Furthermore, advertising platforms like Facebook, Fox, Sundance, and YouTube are embracing quick, 6-second ads. This strategy is favorable to marketer’s goals to capture millennials and Gen Z. Additionally, these ads increase audience attention and inspire closer interaction– a staple for the 2018 calendar. And, the most important dentist tool is to cater to your audience. If your patients are middle-aged or older, print content such as direct mailers may be more effective compared to Gen Z 6-second ads. Remember, the audience drives the medium.

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5. What does QR stand for?

In addition, the box-shaped barcodes are back and cannot be ignored. A Quick Response (QR) barcode allows immediate access to point of purchase sales, online websites, and social media accounts. This craze was short-lived in the 2000s, but 2018 will be its comeback platform. With Apple’s new ios 11 updates, the QR reader is built into the camera – eliminating the need to install a separate app. This increase in accessibility along with QR features included into Snapchat, Facebook, and Spotify, making QR readers a top dentist tool in 2018.

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6. How does automation increase productivity for the social media trends of 2018?

Finally, your creative team will soon be in the palm of your hand with artificial intelligence (AI) automation. Currently, you can use AI to optimize scheduled post times and share engaging content. In this healthy new year’s resolution improvements in 2018 will include: messaging and optimized ad variations. For you, this will eliminate the work of a team optimizing scheduling times and advertisements through trial and error. Additionally, these resources reduce the need for personnel to find engaging content. Also, they help communicate with prospective patients through personal messaging – a machine can do it all!


Are you ready to implement healthy new year’s resolutions with the social media trends of 2018? Download a free social media 2018 calendar with tips above for the best results.

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