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How can Lucent Spot help me brand my dental practice?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing and long term plan to increase a website’s ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines. A website is not going to just start ranking on the first page just because it is online. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to get the results that most people want to see. We offer a long term solutions to get clients ranked.

We take a unique approach to SEO through monthly phases. Depending on the size of your website and company will depend how many phases will need to be completed each month. During each phase monthly reporting will be provided to see growth and reach.

Phase 1 – Audit

We will perform our initial audit of your website and external accounts (such as social media and Google My Business), gain access to all accounts we may need in the future, and reviews people have left about your business. Our goal is to establish a solid strategy for your website content, as well as SEO. It is also important for us to gather all accounts and passwords to make the process as smooth as possible.

Phase 2 – Local Presence

During the second phase we will begin taking the steps to boost your local presence online. This all begins with claiming your business on Google, optimizing your Google My Business account, researching your competition, and analyzing your site to best identify ideal search terms which we will focus on. Performing these steps will begin to generate traffic from your Google My Business account. It will also give us a plan of attack to focus on. This will also give us insight into your competition and generate base goals.

Phase 3 – Optimization

Optimization is going to act as the core building blocks for good SEO. At this time, we will set up and configure analytics to track visitors and set goals. We will go through your entire website and speed up your page load time and reduce page size. We will also begin to populate all major business directories with your company information and ensure all information is accurate across the board. Finally we will optimize your home page’s content to begin driving traffic based on keyword research previously performed.

Phase 4 – Keyword Research

We will begin looking at all sub-pages for your site to determine the best keywords to use to tailor each page and develop a strategy to meet these goals. We will place all top level pages into prioritized categories for optimization and start optimizing with the first set of top-level pages. During this phase we will also begin tracking keyword progress, which will be reported on each month.

Phase 5 – Competition

During phase 5, we will continue optimizing your pages based on keyword research performed. We will also take a closer look at your local competition to determine where they are on search rankings, what keywords they are ranking for, what they provide that your site is not as well as other key factors. We will also setup and configure Google Search Console and integrate it with Google Analytics to allow a full look at page health and trends.

Phase 6 – Sitemap and Robots

By this point your website should be on Google’s radar and moving up in search rankings. We will now create a dynamic sitemap that tells Google where all of your pages are located as well as automatically updates when new pages are added. We will also put together a robots file that tells the Google crawler what needs to be indexed and what should be left alone. Both of these items dramatically assist with Google accurately cataloging your site.

Phase 7 – Schema Code

During this phase we will begin to integrate schema markup on your website. This is a way to allow Google to better understand the important information on your website such as office hours, location, name of your business, type of business, and phone number. We will also properly integrate your site with Google Maps. Finally we will optimize your next set of top-level pages.

Phase 8 – Secondary Search

In phase 8 we will look at your remaining pages and optimize them accordingly. We will begin to look at some lesser searched keywords or longer keyword searches and create pages to generate traffic that may otherwise be missed.

Phase 9 – Navigation

In the navigation phase we will look at your website navigation and layout to determine what is best for usability and structure. We will analyze each page to create a flow between pages and subpages that will in turn assist with your website ranking.

Phase 10 – Performance

During the performance phase we will verify that all internal and external links are functioning. Any broken links will be addressed. We will also verify that all backlinks pointing to your site are high quality and disavowing all questionable links. Next, we will verify there is no duplicate content on your webpage. Finally, we will run a series of page-speed tests to verify that your site is meeting the appropriate speed metrics.

Branding Loyalty

Brand recognition is instrumental in the success of your dental practice. Your brand tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. Most people don’t realize that your brand is not only the face of your company but it actually is a true reflection of your company. The more consistent you are on branding your dental practice, the more likely customers will interpret you as being reliable and trustworthy – which means they can rely on you (the emotional connection to your business). We will help build you a strong brand website presence, which in turn will develop your company as a stronger brand. Since most business comes from referrals or word of mouth, it is important to maintain your brand so that you can connect with customers, create value and set yourself apart from your competition.

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