Pay Per Click Campaigns

What is Pay Per Click and why is it important?

Pay Per Click is a form of search engine advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to maximize your website’s visibility. PPC uses keywords and phrases that people search for when looking for specific services that your dental practice offers. When someone types in, “dentist near me,” you want your company to appear on page 1. PPC allows you to pay for ad space so that when someone types that phrase in, your ad will appear on the top results. This puts you and your dental practice in front of the right people at the right time.

Strategic Ad Campaigns

The best part of paid advertising is that is immediate. We will strategically create and manage your keyword ad campaigns, ensuring your business a higher visibility to people who will most likely become your patients. Nearly 40% of all clicks go to the top three searched results. You can’t afford to miss those clicks. Paid search advertising helps promote your dental practice and drive quality leads to your website.

Active Campaign Management

At Lucent Spot, we have the knowledge to create ad campaigns that will be effective for your practice. We don’t believe in creating the campaign and letting it sit. We take the active approach. We will monitor and adjust your campaigns, in order for you to see the results you expect. We work with you and your budget so that your ads will bring new business in without breaking the bank. We will narrow your target area so that you will reach the specific audience you want to attract. Our expert writers know how create and design ad copy so that your campaigns will maximize on clicks.

Extend Your Reach

We want to help amplify your reach. Let our digital marketing experts create ad campaigns that will attract new patients and keep your practice in front your competition. Contact us today!

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