New Dentists – First Steps Toward a Profitable Practice

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Congratulations, you are a new dentist! You have graduated, gained valuable experience, and now you are ready to open your own practice. As a new dentist, if you are unsure where to begin, you are not alone. Below are the first items you should consider before hanging-up the open sign.

Unique Attributes For A New Dentist

Begin to construct the reasons why your practice is different. The main question: what will set you apart as a new dentist? This will be your ‘Unique Value Proposition’. Start by writing out the advantages of your practice that go above and beyond the typical new dentist. For example, most dentists offer teeth whitening. However, if you have taken multiple continuing education courses on whitening, you can list this as a unique service. Once you have identified the value points of your practice, begin to fill in the unique value proposition sentence. An example is shown below.

new dentist


Choosing the best place to open your practice as a new dentist is a balance between being close to patients yet far enough away from competition. Use the unique value proposition that you created above to decide where to locate. For example, if your target audience is young to middle-aged adults that have a disposable income to afford dental implants, look for a community with this population. There are a number of online tools that can help you find valuable areas. One tool, You are Where You Live, categorizes segments of patients into groups and displays density. Below is an analysis of the 75246 zipcode in Dallas.

new dentist location finder and density

Online Presence

The last key consideration for a new dentist is to make the commitment to an online presence. Today, patients use google reviews and Facebook content as research tools to select medical professionals. A website, Google MyBusiness page, social media accounts, and Google Ads are essential components of a quality online strategy for a new dentist.

Developing the practice of your dreams can be an exciting time; however, it is important to first create a unique value proposition. From there, you can determine the best location and online strategy for your practice. For more information, contact Lucent Spot Marketing, today!

How did you choose your practice location?

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  1. Very much Informative. I love your blogs and already a follower of it. I think that when it comes to Branding, its very necessary for new business to have Branding that perfectly resembles their business and a complete Branding solution to connect with its consumers.

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