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Likes and shares on social media only tell part of your digital story. This shows how a user engages with your content. For the whole story, you must look at the metrics. First, let your patients know you are on social media. Second, involve them with comments and likes. Then, push them to call. Lastly, ask patients to review! In this post, we will focus on the first step the process, awareness, and its related metrics. All and all, if you follow this path and consider metrics along the way, your marketing plan will improve.


Start with the number of people that see your post. On Facebook, this is called “post reach” and is shown at the bottom left corner of a post. On Twitter, go to the analytics page and view “tweet impressions”. Finally, for Instagram look at “impressions” under the insights tab. Actually, all of your followers do not see every item that you post. This is because social networks use algorithms to find the best content for users. The rule of thumb? Awareness increases when metrics, like reach, increase. This is the first step to finding new patients.


Social Share of Voice (SSoV)

Another metric is the Social Share of Voice. Traditional marketing defines Share of Voice (SOV) is the number of advertisements from your business divided by the number of advertisements in your business’s market. But, in today’s world, you are not your business’s only marketer. Your patients and community are advertising, too! So, to find the new SOV consider mentions as important as your ads. You can track mentions manually through each platform or use a third-party tool such as Hootsuite Pro, Mention, or Social Searcher.

Before you break out the calculator, know your market and competitors. Use your location and office specialties to narrow your market. Instead of a general dentist in North Texas, define your market as an Invisalign specialist in Frisco, Texas. Yes, that’s your market. Next, find competitors. Think of physical offices and online products, such as Smile Direct Club. Write down the top competitors and use the same mention search tool for them.

Next, divide your mentions by the sum of the mentions in your market. For example, if your practice has 124 mentions and your top competitors have 500 mentions collectively, your SSoV is 24.8%. What does this mean? Simply, your market is filled with 24.8% of your ads. In other words, for every 100 mentions in your market, about 25 are for your practice. To increase this number, encourage patients to post about your practice on their timeline and in reviews. Of course, you can increase the mentions of your practice on social media. Simply write @yourpractice in your posts.

Use Multiple Metrics

Metrics tell a better story when they are used together. For example, you would not fill a cavity without addressing a gum disease first. The same is true on social media. Focusing on Reach or SSOV only can blind you from the real problem. Post reach does not consider whether the user wanted to view the post. Likewise, SSOV does not show the number of people your post reached. The takeaway? Metrics work better together.

How do you track social media metrics?

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