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Marketing Campaigns That Get Results

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What do I need to do to create killer marketing campaigns that get great results? Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic potion or one specific trick or tip that will give you an A+ marketing campaign. However, don’t fret! We have several strategies that you can implement that can help get you remarkable results.

Employee engagement and employee buy-in for marketing campaigns

Strategy 1: Employee Engagement

This might seem strange, but the success of your marketing campaigns can boil down to your employees. According to the 2013 Harvard Business Review article, Connect, Then Lead, “Without a foundation of trust, people in the organization may comply outwardly with a leader’s wishes, but they’re much less likely to conform privately — to adopt the values, culture, and mission of the organization in a sincere, lasting way.” Why is this important? If your employees are unhappy or disgruntled, they are less likely to help promote your business in good light. If you have engaged employees, they will most likely share your campaign on social media. A promotion or recommendation from an employee will have a better result because it shows they believe in the product/offer. That employee becomes trustworthy. Start from the inside and increase your employee engagement.

Create Value in your marketing campaigns

Strategy 2: Accurate Messaging and Add Value to Your Marketing Campaigns

Your message needs to match your brand. Who are you? What does your practice stand for? The more consistent you are on branding your dental practice, the more likely customers will interpret you as being reliable and trustworthy – which means they can rely on you (the emotional connection to your business). Therefore, your message needs to reflect your brand. When creating the content for your marketing campaigns, figure out what value your campaigns are going to offer to your audience. Believe it or not, most people are altruistic. When potential patients see a clear benefit to be gained, they’ll want to share that benefit with their friends and connections. Your content should showcase your personality (brand), explain what you’re doing, and have a clear benefit.

Target Your Audience in your marketing campaigns

Strategy 3: Targeting

In order to have killer marketing campaigns, you have to make sure you are targeting the right audience. The dental industry is tricky – especially when it comes to sending messages to your patients. Overwhelming your patients with emails/newsletters/confirmation notifications can cause them to opt out of receiving emails from you. So when creating a marketing campaign you need to narrow down your target audience. Let’s say that we are doing a marketing campaign around Dental Implants. Instead of sending your campaign to every patient (active and inactive), you should send it to people who have been to the office in the last 2 years, anyone who has had a tooth extraction, and anyone who has had a dental implant or has a dental implant on their treatment plan. By targeting through a specific service, you will most likely have a better response.

Be sure to follow these three strategies when creating a marketing campaign and you will have better results. Getting your employees to be engaged mixed with creative content that has value, you will have a killer marketing campaign.

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