Instagram Update: 1 Billion Users and IGTV – What Dentists Need to Know

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The way patients use media today is different from the way it was used 6 months ago. On June 20, 2018, Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, introduced a new facet: Instagram TV (IGTV). Instagram is now the third largest social network, behind Facebook and Youtube. Thus, the social media giant should not be ignored.

What is IGTV?

Simply, you can use IGTV on a separate app or in the Instagram app. Just like TV, IGTV plays video when the app is opened. Of course, like traditional Instagram, you can love, comment, and share posts. Over the past few years, consumers want more video. Youtube used video with channels for individual creators. Soon after, Facebook gave users a platform through LIVE video and stories. Now, Instagram is giving brands a unique ability to share their message through IGTV.

How to use IGTV.

Patients open IGTV through the Instagram app. First, they click on the small TV in the top right corner. Your videos will appear when opening the app for patients that follow your page. People who do not follow your office on Instagram can do step 2. Find offices and videos by searching keywords such as ‘Dallas Dentist’ or ‘Teeth Whitening’.


How Does it Affect my Practice?

In dental marketing, getting in front of patients is key. Meet your patients where they spend their time. Most patients only see your office once or twice a year. IGTV videos can act as a reminder for daily oral hygiene and biyearly check-ups. Additionally, this may better brand recognition. The more people that follow your office, the larger amount of people who will know you exist. This may even generate new patients. A few video ideas are: taking a tour of your practice, creating an educational infographic video, or talking about an upcoming giveaway.

Of course, review metrics to find the best social network for your practice. Remember, a dental office that is on the cutting edge of technology will appear modern to potential and current patients. For more information about social networks, contact Lucent Spot Marketing, today!

How do you stay up-to-date with social media?

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