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Video marketing is the new and effective way to reach your patients. YouTube’s shift from 30-second bumper ads to six-second bumper ads has significantly increased the return on ad spend (ROAS). Furthermore, video can enhance the patient experience. Below are four ways your office can incorporate video marketing into your dental practice.

1. Six to Ten Second Videos

First, today’s fast-paced patients don’t have time to watch lengthy videos. In accordance with increasing immediate gratification, online social media networks have made it easier to produce and post quick, engaging six to ten-second videos. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories are the perfect way to capture your office’s personality in a fun yet casual way. Here are a few ideas to get started. Take a short video of the morning huddle, medical equipment, or your favorite part of the office. Also, remember to comply with HIPAA laws and don’t take photographs or images of your patients unless you have written consent.

2. Focus on Stories, Not Sales

Your patients want to feel apart of your dental family. So, tell them about how you fell in love with dentistry, share your office’s passions, and tell funny stories about your personal or dental family. Incorporate patients into the conversation of your dental office. Main point: encourage your patients to be participants in the conversation – not bystanders.

Secondly, this is a great time to record testimonials, show before and after videos, and let your patients tell potential patients how your office has helped them. As you know, referrals are one of the best ways to grow your practice! Video marketing is a great way to improve the patient experience and help potential patients choose your office.

3. Optimize with Tags and Titles

Furthermore, with video noise from thousands of dental offices across the nation, state, and even your city, it will be difficult for potential patients to find you. Even if you have amazing content, without the right titles and tags, your video will become lost in the crowd. So, put yourself in your potential patient’s brain. What words do patients use to find your marketing videos? For example, if you make a two minute, informative video on how to care for your dental implants, write down potential search terms, such as, “dental implants”, “how to clean implants”, “my dental implants are dirty”, and “solutions to clean dental implants”. The right tags will help people searching for specific dental services, find your videos.

4. Utilize Metrics to Analyze Progress of Your Video Marketing

Finally, a few key metrics to pay attention to are: video retention (how long someone watches your video), video engagement (reactions and comments on your video), and clicks on your website’s link. On your business’s Facebook manager page, follow-up on your video’s marketing success by clicking on “insights” and then “videos”. A graph titled “audience retention” will show how long your audience watched the video. Next, under “post details” you can view “people reached” and “video views”. For more information click here. Lastly, when posting the video remember to generate a website tracking link to put in the video’s caption.

Video marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Stayed informed and up-to-date on the latest techniques to receive the most return on your social media videos.

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