And excellent review will tell other people that your dental practice is 5 stars.

How to Get Positive Reviews

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 Patients are more likely to give you a positive review after they have either given you a compliment or thanked you for your serviceWhen is the best time to ask a patient for a review? Give up? After they have given you a compliment! Patients are more likely to give you a positive review after they have either given you a compliment or thanked you for your service. We hear this all the time, “It’s embarrassing to ask for a review.” Or, “I never know what to say!” Every office has some reservations at some point. Reviews can be the lifeblood of a dental practice. In today’s day and age, 88% of people look at reviews before buying or making a decision.

Here are a few simple ways to ask for reviews:

Don't be afraid to ask for reviews!

Who should ask for reviews?

Should it be the front desk, the doctor, the dental hygienist, the dental assistant, the manager? Majority of people will say the front desk. In actuality, we suggest that either the dental hygienist or assistant do the asking. It seems odd, but the majority of patients will give a compliment or thank them after they have finished up on their teeth. And, like we said earlier, the best time to ask is after the patient has given you a compliment! We even encourage dental offices to offer prizes to their dental hygienists or assistants if the patient specifically names them in a review. Make it fun for your staff to ask! It will help push them to do it.

A thumbs up from patients goes a long way.

What should I say when asking for reviews?

We hear dental offices tell us how awkward it makes them feel to ask. What we tell people all the time is that all they can say is no. Think of how many times in a day you try to add on fluoride treatment for your patients or get patients to say yes to their treatments plans. Think of asking for reviews like that. Here are few phrases you can use to ask for reviews:

  • “We think you are a 5-star patient. We would love for you to rate us 5 stars!”
  • “Mrs. Johnson, do you mind if I send you a text message to our review site for you to leave us a 5-star review?”
  • “We appreciate you being a longtime patient of ours! Here is a card with step-by-step instructions on how to leave us a review. We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback!”

Handing out review cards allows patients to go home and log onto their personal computers and leave a review.

What are some ways to ask for reviews?

We touched a little on it above. One of the easiest ways is to print out review cards! The review card should be branded and include step-by-step instructions on how to go to the review site and leave a review.  You can also use technology to ask for a review. The easiest time to ask is when the patient is in the chair. Ask them for a review and get permission to either send them a link to the review site via email or text. A patient is more likely to leave a review if they are still in your office. If you are doing a contest to see how many reviews you can get or get your name specifically called out in the review, don’t be afraid to ask for a personal review! One of the last ways is to ask and then follow up with a personal message later. Sometimes patients need a reminder.

Reviews are one of the simplest ways to help build your brand and market your dental practice. No matter what, ASK!! You miss out on valuable dollars by not asking. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will be. Sooner or later, it will be second nature. Encourage your employees to ask!

 Learn How to Get Reviews

What ways do you ask for reviews? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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