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A new trend in hiring is sweeping the job market. It’s called social recruiting. Companies nationwide, including local dental practices, are using social media networks as hiring platforms. In April of 2019, a post from Facebook unveiled their new partnership with HR firms to launch a program called, Jobs on Facebook. In this post, we’ll describe the update and how your practice can find new talent in your area.

What is Social Recruiting?

Ignoring social media in your search for a new employee is just not an option anymore. Among 18 to 34-year-olds, 7 out of 10 of them found their current job through social media. But, don’t assume that social recruiting only happens on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. More and more employers are finding new hires from Instagram, SnapChat, and even Pinterest. Long gone are the days where employers avoid hiring from social websites like Craigslist. Moral of the story? Spending quality time on your business’s social media page may result in better-qualified employees.

Creating An Engaging Hiring Post

A hiring post follows a similar design and content guidelines as a traditional Facebook post or Ad. Remember, most users are on their phone. So, optimize the post for mobile along with desktop. Next, focus on captivating the audience. Always add an eye-catching photo or video to your post. Accompany the caption with a four to five-word, attention-getting headline. Then, provide the rest of the necessary information. Remember, the goal of this post is to spark interest, so the post should not read like a lengthy job posting article.

Easy to Apply Platform

Today, job seekers are tired of endless essays and references they are required to provide before they can even apply for a job. Yes, interview questions and references are important; however, you could be missing out on excellent employees. Skim down your initial application to attract more applicants and get the most out of social recruiting.

Whether you are looking for a new employee or not, establishing a reputation as a trusted employer in the area will help during your hiring process. For more information about using social media to grow your practice, contact our Lucent Spot Marketing experts.

How does your practice hire new team members?

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