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We all know marketing is responsible for lead generation. But, just because you bring in the leads, it doesn’t mean that they will turn into patients. The front office staff or the people in your office who answer the phones are responsible for turning that lead into a patient. So, what’s the problem? The problem is, more often than not, front office staff and marketing are on completely different pages. In order for your practice to grow and thrive, everyone must align. But, how can they align?


Alignment can be difficult at first, especially if the two departments have not worked together at all. Here are three easy steps that you can take to make sure that your marketing and office staff align:

  1. Communicate!

    Everyone must communicate! First and foremost, the office should be “one.” In order to align, you should hold monthly (if not weekly) meetings to discuss what are marketing’s goals, objectives, and processes. Marketing needs to let everyone know what campaign they are working on, what special they are running that month, and what the process is if a patient calls asking about the campaign. Also, ask the staff questions to see how you can better support them!

    Ask questions like: What questions do you find being asked over and over? Why has a patient turned down a treatment plan and what can marketing do to help patients follow through with treatment plans? Knowing these types of questions can help marketers better align with the team. Asking the appropriate questions during meetings can help your marketing team create new materials that will better enable the office staff either upsell a specific treatment or turn the lead into a new patient.

  2. Provide Resources!

    Marketing should also create tools for the office staff to use. Your office staff should always have a stock of resources that they can use to help bring in new patients, help get reviews, and help sell Fluoride treatments, whitening, or Sonicare Toothbrushes. Your team should have materials that they can use throughout the entire “sales funnel”. And, your staff should not be afraid to ask for more content…after all, they are the ones communicating with your patients or prospective patients.

    When your staff is not aligned, more often than not, they will create their own content. The issue with creating their own content is that it could interfere with the branding efforts that your marketers are executing, or they could be using images without the proper rights (the list could go on). Bottom line, marketing needs to create tools or the whole staff.

  3. Collaborate!

    Marketing and management should collaborate on lead reporting. Marketing must continue in their efforts to provide quality leads to the team. In order to do this, they must send the proper message to the appropriate audience. To find quality leads, they must maintain their efforts in branding, promotion, and content. When communicating with management, they should know marketing’s goals for potential patients.

    Let’s say marketing’s goal is to help bring in 100 new patients this month. Management needs to be sure that the front office staff is properly trained in answering the phones and that they have the tools to ensure they get those leads turned into appointments. You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing, and those tactics can bring in thousands of leads, but if your staff isn’t successful in booking appointments, then you are wasting money. The whole staff needs to collaborate on the best way to turn those leads into new patients.

When you align your staff, your practice will be more successful. Marketing needs to be sure to clearly communicate with the whole staff, especially the front office staff so that goals and expectations are understood. When the proper tools are provided to your staff, your practice will see growth.

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