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Grow Your Practice At A Beach Side Resort This Winter!

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With the right tools, you can grow your practice. Many dentists find themselves stuck in the same cycle of high debt, low new patient count, and the same collection numbers. This doesn’t have to be you! In just one weekend, Vivid Progression will give you the tools you need to grow your practice. Are you ready? Below are a  few more benefits.

Expert Speakers

From the bestselling author to real dentists that have proven these strategies, the speakers will be great. Don Barden, the main speaker, will talk about leadership tips. After working for 25 years on Wall Street and a 10-year analysis of those companies, he wrote a book called “The Perfect Plan”. Now, he teaches others leadership tips he has learned. Further, Dan Johnson, CEO of Lucent Spot Marketing, has helped many dentists reach their goals with marketing. In this time, he has formed the three pillars every dental practice needs to reach their goals — and he will share them with you! Lastly, you will learn how to save on practice taxes and use direct mail in dentistry.

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Proven Results

Furthermore, Dr. Ben Johnson and Dr. Chad Latino will speak on how they grew their practices with the proven strategies from Vivid Progression. In four years, Dr. Johnson grew his practice from one office with 20 new patients and $60,000 in collections per month to a three office practice with 250 new patients and $300,000 in new collections per month. Additionally, Dr. Johnson now has 4 associate dentists working with him. For Dr. Latino, he grew his practice into a million-dollar practice in eight years and only works 132 days per year! Yes, you can grow your practice if you use the right strategies.

Easy-to-Use Strategies to Grow Your Practice

So, when you leave the two-day training, you will come home with more than a great tan, you will have a plan to grow your practice. In the two days of talks with dental marketing and leadership experts, you will make a blueprint of ways to reach your goals. As you know, long-lasting results do not happen overnight, but with hard work and the right tools, you can have the practice of your dreams.

Beach Time!

Wherever you live, early February is a cold time of year. And, when planning this event, we wanted to give you a great summer getaway in the thick of winter. This event is hosted at the beautiful, Atlantis hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. With our coupon code, you will gain access to discounted room rates that can be used before and after the event. While you are there, enjoy seaside golf, swimming with dolphins, world-renowned restaurants, miles of beachfront, and more! So, bring your staff, family, and friends for discounts and beauty at the beach.

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Finally, join us at Vivid Progression – Success By Design on February 1st and 2nd at Nassau, Bahamas to grow your practice. A seaside vacation, easy-to-use strategies, proven results, and guest speakers all working to help you grow your practice. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today to grow your practice, today. Click to claim your spot!

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