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Do you know the subliminal moods that your social media posts promote within your patients? With an introduction of a few graphic design elements, you can envoke feelings of trust, calmness, and more. For more information, read below to discover a few principles of graphic design to integrate into your office’s posts and advertisements today!

1. Color

Color is the first element that can affect a patients reaction to your social media post. Of course, too much color can signal anxiety or confusion while too little color can signal low energy or depression. Additionally, you can highlight a feature with a presence or absence of intense color. In short, colors can create moods.

Below is a brief guide to color psychology. For a dental office, the best colors to emphasize are yellow, blue, green, and purple. Black or red can be used as complementary colors.

Example of color psychology


2. Balance

Look at the photograph of the smiling women below. One technique, the Rule of Thirds, uses a balance to make images more appealing. To utilize this method, each photograph is divided into three equal squares. Digital Photography School describes the Rule of Thirds as “if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced.” In essence, there are six main ways to create this illusion. Moving from top to bottom you can place the focal point in the top third, middle third, or bottom third. Moving from left to right, the focal point can be in the left third, middle third, or right third. If you have already taken the photo, you can crop the image to fit these specifications. The image below was modified to fit middle aligned (1), left aligned (2), right aligned (3), and top aligned (4).

Example of the Rule of Thirds

3. Branding

One way to solidify your office’s personality is to use consistent branding throughout all marketing materials. Chiefly, the simplest way is including your brand color and logo on all advertisements– even on social media! First, know your brand’s primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors. Click here to find your color hex codes for free.

Next, ensure you have a logo with a transparent background. The first image below is our logo without a transparent background. And, the second photo is our logo with a transparent background. When your logo is a vector image, it is more versatile and you can create higher quality designs. Lucent Spot Marketing can help your office redesign your logo or create a transparent background.


Example of a Lucent Spot logo without a transparent background and with a transparent background

4. Font

Creating easy to interpret social media posts is key! Do not overwhelm your readers by using more than two or three fonts. Pick the main font, a highlighter font, and a details font. For example, look at the social media post that Lucent Spot created for a client, Singla Dental. In this post, the main font is Aileron Thin while the highlight font is EDO. In this illustration, the highlight font emphasizes the main point while the main font supports the message.


Example of using main and highlight font styles in a Singla Dental social media post, Graphic Design

5. Consistency 

Continuity throughout your advertisements is ideal for maintaining a consistent brand personality. First, how do you want customers to view you? For example, is your office fun, modern, or cozy? Secondly, represent this manner throughout your advertisements. Below is a group of advertisements from our client Acre Wood Dental. Glancing at the group, the color and style of the advertisements match creating a cohesive brand image of ‘young, playful, and put-together’. The advantage to consistency through the look and feel of the advertisements is that a patient only needs to be exposed to one social media post to become familiar with your office’s style, specialties, and culture. Ultimately, saving time and money.

Examples of Consistency throughout Acre Wood Dental's Posts, Graphic Design

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