Improve Your Front Desk to Improve Your Office

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Yes, the latest technology and skills can get your more patients, but if your front staff is not invested in your success it will be hard to grow. The front staff is usually the first point of contact for patients. Their point of view, attitude, and helpfulness reflect on your entire practice. So, they should put your practice in a good light! Here are a few tips to improve your front staff.

Get Your Front Staff On-Board

If your front staff does not understand the practice’s goals or why those goals exist, they won’t be fully invested in the goals. Even if you ask them. Practice goals should not be a secret. If you want to double your patient base in the next two to three years, tell your team. If they know this, they are more likely to schedule more patients and get new patients. Getting the team on-board can help each team member work together for the same goal. Overall, everyone should be on the same page.

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Keep Them Informed

The second step is to inform your staff of upcoming promotions, discounts, and campaigns. If the front staff does not know that the practice is running a discount, then, a patient may see an advertisement for the discount online and ask the front staff about the information and they don’t know anything about it.

Promote Your Culture

Along with your website and your online presence, your front staff shows the personality of your office to new patients. If you want to portray a fun, welcoming environment, but the front staff acts grumpy and snappy to the patients, then they will probably think your practice is unwelcoming.

Scripts And Systems

Besides promoting your culture, this is one of the most important items you can do to improve your front office team. Each task that a team member has to complete, for example, answering the phone and checking patients in should have a script or system in place. To develop a system, have the team member do the task and write down each step that they do. After they do this, review the list to see if you can make it more efficient. Then go over the revised list with the front office team. Lastly, type the steps, print them, and put them in a binder. Some of the systems, such as answering the phone will need a script. This will tell them what to say in each phone conversation.

Be Open to New Ideas

In this last tip, try to keep an open mind. It can be easy to become attached to the first systems and strategies that you and your team make, but remember, that things change. Your team is directly involved in the front office day-to-day activities. Listen and try the suggestions that they may have to improve your practice.

Of course, the best advice is that great front staff begins with a great leader. Promote a positive culture, follow the systems, and work every day toward your practice goals. In most situations, the front office team will follow the lead of the dentists. For more information about dental coaching contact Lucent Spot Marketing, today!

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