Six FREE SEO Tools to Capitalize on Today

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Search Engine Optimization is almost as daunting as the 25 characters it takes to write it. And, this is a tool that is underlooked, undervalued, and almost always underutilized. Most of the time, SEO is free, you just need the know-how. For more information, read below about the top platforms to make SEO work for your dental office and bring in new patients.

Check My Links Free SEO Tool

1. Check My Links

First, an optimized website must include links to credible, outside sources and links to other pages on your website. Next, once you have a sufficient amount of working links, Google will rank your website higher. Likewise, a simple way to check the functionality of a link is with the chrome extension, Check My Links.  Before publishing a webpage, Check My Links will highlight working links in green and broken or inactive links in red.

Upcity's Free SEO Tool

2. UpCity’s SEO Report Card

Have you ever wondered if the dentist down the street is actually getting more patients through their website? Now, you can find out with SEO Report Card. Through this tool, you can compare your website to competitors and compare on rank, link quality, keyword analysis, load time, trust/authority, and content indexing.

Founds Free SEO Tool

3. Found’s SEO Audit Tool

Typically, the reason that most dentists and entrepreneurs find SEO difficult to understand and implement is that errors can be difficult to find. For instance, this tool will help you find technical, external link, and content issues. After you have developed a report, you can print out the results on a PDF. Comparably, you can easily check if you are using the best keywords. Simply, keywords embedded within your website content help Google determine the relevance of your website to the searched term used by the consumer.

4. Google’s Webmaster Tools 

Truly, Google’s Webmaster Tools, is an all-encompassing site that can improve your SEO dramatically with small, yet deliberate changes. For example, if you are afraid that your website may not be on google, you can search for it by “”.   Not to mention, they can even teach you to recover your website if it was hacked. 

Googles PageSpeed Free SEO Tool5. Google PageSpeed Insight 

Discover your website’s optimization and speed on mobile and desktop devices with Google PageSpeed Insights. Chiefly, this is one of the simplest websites to use to quickly check a few metrics. Simply, type in your the specific webpage you would like to analyze. Additionally, Google offers optimization suggestions to improve speed and usability.

6. In-Dept Analysis

Of course, the company that manages your website should keep you up-to-date with your online presence, effectiveness, and digital metrics. Our group of expert marketers can create a comprehensive audit of your practice’s online presence to see if your website is working properly. Notably, one reason that you may not be at the top of the Google Search Results is that your website has broken backlinks. As well as, missing alt tags, meta descriptions, landing pages, or h1/h2 headers could demote your search result. Other services offered in the full-site audit are website analytics, social media analytics, google search console, google my business ranking, and a competitor analysis. If we discover that your website management system is not properly reviewing and updating your website, we can send them the free audit.

It may seem complex on the surface, but taking sets to improve your SEO can help your practice gain new patients. Use the website above to get started. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

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