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Building a presence on Facebook can feel like an upward battle. Driving engagement, producing valuable content, all while pushing visits to your website and calls to your office can be exhausting! At Lucent Spot Marketing, we have compiled four free tools to help mitigate some stress and steer you and your practice in the right direction. No one knows the secret recipe to craft the perfect Facebook page, but these tools will help you start moving toward that. Remember, the goal is progress, not perfection.


1. Likealyzer 

Creating a presence on Facebook takes more than a few posts each week. Depending on the source you talk to, most recommend posting once per day, but no more than twice per day. Having a complete page is just as important as managing an active page. When you search your practice on Likealyzer, it will rank your practice in five main categories: frontpage, about, activity, response, and engagement. As you may have noticed, two out of the five categories can be completed by filling in information. Go to your Facebook Page and make sure you have a cover photo, a profile photo, a username, a call to action, contact information, and a location.

Furthermore, make sure you add information in the about and milestone section. Once you have this information on your Facebook page, use Likealyzer to find areas you need to improve upon. For example, if your response rate is low, add an automatic response in settings to increase this to 100%. Or, maybe you just need to post more!


2. CoScheduler Headline Analyzer

Writing a Headline on a Facebook post or a blog seems easy. Simply, describe the content in a few words. Well, that is partially true, but not the entire story. To write a good headline, you need to artfully include keywords that people will search for on Facebook.

For example, if your practice posts a monthly blog on your website and you share it via Facebook, it is important to make a good, shareable headline. For example, one of our clients used this blog headline, “Drinking Too Much Can Affect Your Oral And Overall Health”. At first glance, this looks clear and concise. However, it received a score of 54 out of 100 when it was tested on the headline analyzer, CoScheduler. With a few tweaks, the headline was revamped to say, “ZINGER! Alcohol is Hurting More of Your Smile Right Now” which scored a 77 out of 100 on CoScheduler.

CoScheduler develops the score by categorizing each word into the sentence into four different categories: common, uncommon, emotional, and power words. Additionally, the system analyzes the length of your headline, the sentiment, keywords, and more. As you may find, writing a headline can be difficult. To get a top CoScheduler score, click here to download their top common, uncommon, emotional, and power words.


Tack how many people click on and interact with the links that you add in your post. If you write a blog post or website page encouraging patients to invest in dental implants, then will be a perfect tool to track your campaign’s success. Place your link into’s system to generate a short tracking link. Although the beginning of the link will say, you can customize the ending to ImplantsWaco. Remember, each link must be different, so you cannot use a common link like, because it is already taken.

For example, if you want to increase dental implant sales over the next three months, post this link along with a persuasive post on your Facebook page at least once per week. During the campaign, or when it is over, compare the days that you scheduled the posts with the days with the most traffic. If you notice that one post had more traffic than the others, this may mean that you used certain verbiage or content, such as an image or video, that captured the audience’s attention. is an easy, fast way to analyze the progress of your posts or campaign with a few mouse clicks!


4. Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool

Using images to accompany your Facebook advertisements is an effective way to capture your target audience’s attention. However, if your advertisement has more than 20% of text on its image, then the campaign may be denied. Luckily, Facebook provides a tool, called the Text Overlay Tool, that will rank the likelihood of your advertisement running on google from low to high. Before submitting your next advertisement to Facebook, check with the Text Overlay Tool to ensure it will be accepted.

Building a social media presence on Facebook, or any social media platform, can feel overwhelming. Using these free tools, you can tackle the complex world of social media and begin connecting with existing and new patients! For more information on social media, contact our marketing experts at Lucent Spot Marketing.

What Facebook tools do you use?

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