Facebook’s Creator Studio: What Is It?

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Over the past year, Facebook has changed its algorithm to incentivizing businesses to post through Facebook directly, rather than third-party systems. What does this mean? Fewer of your followers will see your post if you schedule it through third parties like Hootsuite or Buffer. To combat this, Facebook has designed a more user-friendly scheduling system called, Creator Studio. Actually, Creator Studio has more features that we will discuss in this post. First, let’s talk about how to access Creator Studio.

How To Get Facebook’s Creator Studio 

There are a few different ways to access Facebook’s new creator studio. Currently, Creator Studio is a new feature that is only available on desktops, not mobile. To access Creator Studio via your Facebook business page, click on ‘more’ and then ‘publishing tools’ on the top navigation bar on the page. This is indicated as step number 1 in the photo below. Second, once you have selected ‘publishing tools’, you can either click on the notification at the top of the screen or select ‘Creator Studio’ on the left sidebar under the ‘Tools’ category. Then, you’re in!

How to Post, Schedule, and Backdate On Facebook’s Creator Studio

Posting on Creator Studio is a simple process. The easiest way to post from any page on Creator Studio is to click on the plus sign circle in the bottom right corner. After you click on this you can choose from four options, ‘post something’, ‘upload video’, ‘go live’, and ‘post video across pages’. Click on ‘post something’ to get the traditional posting features you are familiar with. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, choose ‘post video across pages’ to post one video on multiple pages at one time. And, the second easiest way to post on Creator Studio is through the Home page. First, select the home page on the left navigation bar. Next, click ‘post something’ under the ‘Home’ heading.

Creator Studio

After you have selected ‘post something’, the process to post has not changed much. Once you write your post, to schedule or backdate, select the triangle in the bottom right corner of the post. Then select, ‘backdate’ or ‘schedule’. Then, to manage the posts you have scheduled, click on ‘content library’ on the left navigation bar. Next, select ‘scheduled’ on the top navigation bar. Here you can view the posts that are scheduled for your page, which can help you plan posts for the future. Additionally, you can select ‘published’ on the same navigation bar to view recently posted items.

How to Use Creator Studio Insights

First, the insights tool on Creator Studio is geared toward video, a media tool Facebook has been pushing on their platform for the past few years. The ‘performance’ tab on the left navigation bar will give you video specific insights. Here you can view your top videos, engagement stats, and net followers. Next, the second tab under insights, ‘loyalty’, gives you information about the number of recurring followers. Compared to Facebook’s ‘insight’ tool in your business page, the ‘insight’ tool on Creator Studio provides more information about video statistics, but less overall Facebook page statistics. Therefore, use both Facebook insight tools to make the most of Facebook’s analytics tools.

How to Use The Inbox Tool

The next tool your practice may benefit from is the Facebook’s Creator Studio’s Inbox. You can access this tool from the left navigation bar. Inbox on Creator Studio has the same tools as the Inbox tool on your business page. So, use either inbox tools to easily respond to messages, review and comment on Instagram and Facebook posts, and manage automatic responses. If you have not set up automatic responses through Facebook Messenger, set them up, today! Click on the ‘automated responses’ tool. Then, turn on all of the responses that apply to your practice, such as, ‘location’ and ‘contact’. When patients message your practice, this automated response will respond when you are unavailable.

Creator Studio

How to Monetize Your Facebook

Now, you can monetize your Facebook video with the help of Creator Studio. However, there are a few requirements. First, your page needs at least 10,000 likes, videos that are 3 minutes or longer, and a minimum of 30,000 minutes of viewing time. To find out if you qualify, click here. If you meet all of these requirements, then you can start monitoring today. If you do not, read our Facebook and video blogs to learn how you can meet these requirements. To learn more about how to monetize your Facebook page through Creator Studio, click here.

Overall, Facebook’s new tool, Creator Studio, can help you and your practice easily schedule, post, share videos, and monetize your page. Although Inbox and Insights do not offer significantly new tools, the easy-to-use platform may convert more creators from Facebook’s traditional business page tools to Creator Studio. To learn more about Facebook tools or to speak to one of our marketing experts today, contact Lucent Spot Marketing, today.

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