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Facebook Ads Made Easy For Your Dental Practice – A DIY Guide

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Small businesses, like your dental practice, can now easily create Facebook Ads that meet your goals and target the right people. On May 7, 2019, Facebook announced a new ad feature that optimizes ongoing Facebook Ads. Let’s jump into how this update can help you.

What’s New With Facebook Ads?

Unless you are boosting an already existing post, creating a Facebook Ad can feel daunting, especially from the Ad Manager platform. As a dentist with little to no formal training in business or advertising, navigating target audiences and complicated metrics probably leads to more headaches than positive return on investments (ROI). Facebook heard the struggles of small businesses and they delivered an easy-to-use ad optimizing platform. With just a few clicks you can optimize your Facebook Ad to target interests like ‘teeth whitening’ and ‘cosmetic dentistry’.

How To Use Facebook’s New Small Business Ad Features

Step 1: Setting-up The Ad

First, go to your practice’s Facebook page when logged into the account that manages the page. On the side panel, under the page’s profile photo, click on the blue button that says ‘promote’. Next, click on the button that says ‘Get Started With Automated Ads’ and click ‘Get Started’. Once you select the Ad account you want to use, you will be prompted to chose your business category. In this section you may choose, ‘Pediatric Dentist’, ‘General Dentist’, ‘Cosmetic Dentist, or simply ‘Dentist & Dental Office’. Remember, choose the option that describes your practice the best.

Helpful tip: In this feature, you may not see your curser in the text box. Just start typing and suggestions will appear.

Facebook Ads

Step 2: Choosing How Patients Contact Your Office

Next, you will tell Facebook how to optimize your ad to meet your goals. This is the crowning feature of Facebook’s new small business ads. First, choose how you would like patients to contact your office. For a dental office, we recommend in-person and/or direct contact. Next, tell Facebook how you want patients to contact you. For this option, we recommend ‘They contact me.’ If you have an email marketing list, you could select, ‘They provide contact info and I reach out’. However, the most direct and effective option is ‘They contact me.’ Finally, decide how you want patients to contact your office. The options are through a phone call or Facebook message. For a dental office, a phone call is more effective.

Step 3: Setting Your Target Market

In this step, you will notice a drastic change from choosing your target market in the previous Facebook Ad platform. Using the traditional Facebook Ad platform users can target patients more directly; however, for the dentist creating the ad, it may have appeared overwhelming. Now, you can simply choose your target audience’s interests. For example, you may choose interests like ‘Health & Wellness’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’, ‘General Dentistry’, ‘Teeth Whitening’, and more.

Step 4: Picking Your Plan

Facebook will take all of your choices into consideration and form a customized plan for your practice. Both plans have the same reach and the same budget per day. The differing factor is that one may encourage patients to call your practice while the other will encourage patients to visit your practice. Since most patients prefer to schedule an appointment over the phone, we recommend promoting the ‘Call Now’ button.

Step 5: Designing Your Ad

Now that all the technical details are out of the way, it is time for the fun part, designing the ad! With this new Facebook Ad feature, you can create up to six different eye-catching on-going ads. Change the caption, call to action, or image to find which design works the best. As always, highlighting a special, such as discounted teeth whitening, will increase your link clicks and overall ad response. The best part is you don’t have to choose which image or special you think would do better, Facebook does the hard work for you and shows the best preforming ad more often. Essentially, Facebook increases your results and spends your money more wisely.

Helpful tip: If you are having trouble designing an ad or writing a caption or call to action, contact the dental marketing experts at Lucent Spot Marketing. We are happy to help!

Step 6: Setting Your Location And Budget

You are almost done creating your ad, now all you have to do is set the location and your daily budget. Setting your location depends on your community. If you live in a highly populated city, you may target a smaller radius around your practice, and visa versa for a rural community. Further, you can target places that are not in a close radius to your practice. For example, if you live on the outskirts of a big city, but you want to target downtown, add the address of a building downtown to target people in that area.

Facebook Ads

Monitor and Rework

Unlike traditional Facebook Ads, this new feature continuously optimizes your ad on new data, which is something that had to be manually done in previous ads. To get the most out of this Facebook Ad feature, create 6 different ads. Each on different topics, for example, highlight teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, root canals, cleanings, etc.. Then, after the ad runs for a few months, look to see which ad did the best. If teeth whitening had the highest ‘link clicks’, then you know people in the areas you target are interested in teeth whitening. For your next round of 6 ads, only promote teeth whitening ads, but change the discounts or images. Overtime you will slowly narrow down the preferences of your targeted audience through changing less and less ad variables. Ultimately, reducing stagnation and increasing return on investment.

Are Facebook Ads Worth The Money?

Taking on a Facebook Ad can be overwhelming. If done right you can achieve a positive return on investment and even grow your practice through Facebook Ads. The secret sauce in any marketing project is knowing your customers, knowing your marketing, and aiming to overdeliver. If you’re feeling lost at this point, give us a call! We’d love to chat about your practice and how we can help you get to where you want to be.

How Does Your Practice Use Facebook Ads?

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