Exclusive Marketing Package

Ultimate Local Marketing System!

Our Exclusive marketing program is a great program that will be limited to 5 dental practices per year. This will be a long-term approach to rebranding and/or establishing your practice.

Your brand is one of the single most important aspects of your business. This is not just your company logo. It includes items like your company colors, typography, key values, culture; your brand is every identifiable aspect of your company. We will start with your company image including logo, colors, typography, print pieces, and work to create a cohesive and modern look. We will then work with you on refining your business processes, as well as other brand identifiers.

This package includes company rebranding, a new website, direct mail campaigns, print assets, and consulting services – all for one price.

With our Exclusive Package, you will receive:

Custom Website Designed or Redesigned

We will create or replace your existing site with a new website based on your specifications. We will meet with you and gather information based on your wants, needs, competition, and desired goals. Once a list of features, desired design style, and roadmap has been created and approved, all assets must be delivered to Lucent Spot before work can be completed.

Website Maintenance

Your website needs to be kept up-to-date. We will ensure that everything stays secure, your site runs smoothly, and performs basic changes upon request such as updating images and basic text on the site.

Pro Web Hosting

Our pro hosting package gives you access to space on our web server, unlimited databases, unlimited storage space, and unlimited visitors to your site. This also includes weekly site backups with on-demand website restores. Pro hosting also includes monthly security updates, database optimization, spam monitoring, and monthly reports.

Quarterly Website Optimization

Website speeds are one of the newest metrics that Google uses to rank web pages. We will look at all content on your website and perform the required changes to get sites the lowest load times possible. This can include image optimization, code optimization, page caching, and other proven techniques.

Design Services

Once a month, you have the option to work with our in-house graphic designer to create (1) designed piece for your practice. This could be an item such as: flyer, business card, letterhead, envelope, t-shirt. Your designed piece will go through 2 rounds of revisions. Once your final design is completed you will be provided with all production file formats that will be used to print.

Monthly Blog Posts

Fresh new content is a high ranking factor for Google. Websites that constantly have new and valuable information take priority in searches. The easiest way to achieve this is through a blog. We will setup and optimize a blog on your website and create 4 blog posts per month tailored to your practice and audience.

Quarterly Audits

We are always looking for ways we can help improve your business. We will create tailored reports for your Social Media, Website, and Marketing efforts. You will know where you are at the end of each quarter, as well as ways that you can improve for the next quarter.

Basic SEO

Just having an awesome website isn’t enough to land on the first page of a Google search. We follow a proven formula to get your website noticed by Google. This includes tailoring content to specific keywords, speeding up your website, and editing key areas of your site to make it more enticing to Google.

SEO Tracking

Search engine optimization is incredibly important. You want to be able to track your traffic and growth. We will monitor up to 100 search terms to see where your site is ranking. We will also implement Google Analytics so you can get a better idea of your visitors and their interests. This information will all be compiled into a monthly report.

Security Monitoring

Identifying security threats can be one of the most important pieces of maintenance that needs to be performed on every website. Even if you are not storing patient information or accepting credit card payments, your website can be vulnerable to attack. Average cleanup of a compromised or infected site is 30 days and can result in large amounts of potential patients missed and money lost. Take security under control with our active security monitoring and response. We will set up active monitors on your site that will alert us as soon as a potential risk is identified and address it immediately.

Logo Redesign

You will work with our marketing and graphic design team to come up with a new image starting with your logo. Upon completion you will be provided with a primary logo, as well as a secondary or alternate logo in multiple print ready formats.

Business Cards

You will work with our marketing and graphic design team to come up with a new image starting with your logo. Upon completion you will be provided with a primary logo, as well as a secondary or alternate logo in multiple print ready formats.

Letterhead, Stationary

Letterhead and stationary will also be designed to meet your new branding standards. You will be provided with print ready files.

Managed Direct Mail

Reach out to new clients through our managed direct mail campaigns. Every quarter you will work with our Marketing team to design a high quality, branded mail campaign.

Staff Training

Get access to our Premier Training! We offer a variety of trainings that will help not only your staff, but your practice grow. We train on branding, answering the phones, patient experience, plus more! Your office is losing patients before they ever walk in the door. Our premier trainings will help increase your new patient base and grow your bottom line.

Consulting Services

You will be given your own personal marketing consultant who is there to focus solely on your marketing campaigns – so that you can focus on your patients. We will guide you through our marketing strategy and be there every step of the way.

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