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Dental Email Marketing: 7 Tips to Build Stronger Relationships with Patients

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Running a dental office isn’t always smooth sailing. You must take into consideration every facet of patient relations. It isn’t a quick patient fix wherein you can send them on their way and expect to see them again and again. Your service transcends the four corners of your dental clinic and you may need to go above and beyond to nurture the relationships with patients and you can do this through email marketing.

Sounds like an arduous job, right? Well, as a matter of fact, it is, but also a very gratifying one.

And, a simple way of making your life easier while building strong relationships with patients is through dental email marketing. Why? That’s because there will be around 3.8 billion email users by 2019. Furthermore, do you know what that means for your dental clinic? It means easy, personal, and convenient communication with your patients.

Of course, we all know how most people see marketing emails and most of them end up in Trash even before being opened. So, if you want to build stronger relationships with patients, heed these top 7 tips to get your message across and not trashed.

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1. Add a Personal Touch in Your Email Marketing

People undeniably hate receiving marketing emails especially those that are sent in bulk. Personalization is very important to get your patients’ attention. A simple personal touch you can add is by addressing every patient by their name. I know this may seem like a burdensome task but most email software allows you to enter a “token” which automatically generates the person’s name is in your Patient Management System.

2. Catch Their Attention at the First Glance

Some people immediately click the “delete” button before opening a marketing email. You want to catch their attention the moment they scroll through their emails. Let’s put click baits out of the equation. Professionalism must be maintained at all times too. Email users judge the email content through the subject line. Choose your words properly and make sure it’s not too prim and proper. And while you’re at it, add a striking preheader text that’ll surely pique their interest. All these strategic phrases should be related to the content.

3. Ditch the Spam Approach

You might think sending countless marketing emails might make them click at least one. But, think again. It’ll most likely rankle the heck out of your patients. Never send marketing emails more than once a week.

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4. Help Them Through Notifications

Notifications for dental appointments are a great way to help your patients get their dental consultations in check. While you communicate with them through email, it also doesn’t hurt to send them email notifications when they’ve missed an appointment or haven’t visited in a while. This not only proves beneficial for your staff because of seamless procedures but your patients will also be grateful for taking the time to remind them – hence, nourishing a stronger relationship.

5. Use Compelling Visual Content

Reading long emails can be quite tedious, to say the least. Try adding nice, high-quality images and videos in between paragraphs to make the emails easier and enjoyable to read. Make it creative and relevant to the content.

6. Always Include a Call-To-Action Button

If you can get your patients to open your email, you must’ve done something right with the subject and everything. But, the effort doesn’t stop there. You need them to take action depending on what your email’s goal is. Let’s say you want them to visit for a regular checkup, remind them of their appointment, read an important blog post, or just take a quick survey. Dental marketing email will be useless without a call-to-action button. So, make sure it’s integrated at the bottom as clear as day.

7. Make the Emails Mobile-Friendly

Patients may get your emails while they’re on-the-go. So, make sure they’re mobile-friendly. Adjust the texts and optimize the content so it’ll load faster. If your emails take too long to load, especially images and videos, expect them to get deleted right off the bat.

You can arguably increase your revenues if you consider these dental email marketing tips. Checking emails is part of a person’s routine nowadays so it shouldn’t be that hard to make them open their emails daily. However, the main goal here is to make them click the email. Therefore, being smart, strategic, and getting personal can be the road to easy breezy communication and solid relationships with your patients.

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