Eight Ways to Maximize the Premier Phone Training

Eight Tips to Maximize the Premier Phone Training

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How can the Premier Phone Training help your practice? Well, the first step to running a successful healthcare practice is to equip your team with current and effective tools. The best way to do this is through continuing education and training. With Lucent Spot Marketing, you can enhance your patient experience and increase your new patient rate.

Below are tips to elevate your Premier Phone Training experience.

Tip 1: Cross-train Employees

1. Cross-train.

First of all, when multiple employees are trained in the newest tactics, then your office’s patient experience will dramatically improve. To accomplish this, first, send your office’s schedulers, office manager(s), and dentist(s) to training sessions. Second, use Lucent Spot Marketing’s provided notebooks to take organized notes that can be easily explained to colleagues.

Tip 2: Interact with the information and expand upon it with your office in mind.

2. Interact with the information and expand upon it with your office in mind.

Also, one of the successful ways to learn is to apply knowledge to something that you are familiar with. For example, if you learn about ‘how to close the sale’, mentally employ the tactics to your office. How can your office use this information? What specifically can your office do to increase collections? This not only helps you remember the material but also gives your office fresh ideas for improvement. So, at the Premier Phone Training event, we help you take away key tactics to help you get results.

Tip 3: Network with other offices.

3. Network with other offices.

Next, make the most of this opportunity by connecting and learning from your peers. Dentists from across Texas will attend the Premier Phone Training. Find out what works and does not work for them. Learning from personal experience is the best way to understand and digest concepts and techniques. Therefore, take advantage of mingling breaks. The main point: the more you communicate and discuss dental business successes and shortcomings, the more informative your experience will be.

Tip 4: Utilize Lucent Spot Marketing's resources. Talk to the experts.

4. Utilize Lucent Spot Marketing’s resources. Talk to the experts.

On the same note, talk to the experts as well as your peers! The knowledgeable marketers from Lucent Spot strive to help your business grow in the most efficient way possible. Have you been struggling with increasing new patients? Or want to know the best way to help a disgruntled patient? Ask away! Our team is here to help. Additionally, if you remember questions after the Premier Phone Training that you wanted to ask– shoot us an email. We would love to chat.

Tip 5: Don't just send employees, develop employees.

5. Don’t just send employees, develop employees.

Most noteworthy, a weekend or day trip in Waco is bound to be thrilling from adventures at Magnolia Silos to the unique businesses in downtown Waco. However, the goal of this training should be to develop your employees into valuable assets for your company. So, invite employees who show potential, absorb new content, and are willing to diffuse the information across the office. Assess how your office doing and how to find solutions to obstacles. What you should understand is that everyone in the office is crucial to increasing production and collections. The only way you can do this is by developing your employees.

Tip 6: Set realistic goals and stick to them — for at least 30 days.

6. Set realistic goals and stick to them — for at least 30 days.

Furthermore, the most potent way to be successful when attending any training, reading any blog, or attending a consulting session is to apply the advice you learn, track it, and analyze its successfulness. Metrics are your friends. According to Forbes, the top metrics to track are total visits, new sessions, channel-specific traffic, bounce rate, total conversions, lead to close ratio, customer retention rate.

Tip 7: Come with a goal in mind.

7. Come with a goal in mind.

And, maybe your goal is to increase new patients from 30% each month to 55%. Well, you’re in luck! The majority of our clients, who attend the phone training, increase their patient base by 25% minimum. Maybe your goal is to decrease missed calls from 10% down to 5%. Let our marketing experts know what your goals are and we will help you achieve them.

Tip 8: Have Fun!

8. Enjoy the trip!

Finally, the key take away… have fun at the Premier Phone Training and enjoy the trip! We want to learn how to incorporate fun into your work day and increase team engagement. When your staff is engaged they are more productive and will have total buy-in to your business and your values.

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