Dental Marketing Mistakes

Dental Marketing Mistake — 10 Common Tactics Dentists Should Avoid

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Failed ads are an added cost for your office. Yes, it’s a dental marketing mistake, but you can grow from it. Now, you can learn from the 10 common dental marketing mistakes.

1. Little to no ‘social media’ talk

After making a Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business page share them with patients. Thus, promote social media by adding a hyperlink icon on every website page. Next, hang a ‘follow us’ or a ‘like us’ sign in your office’s lobby. So, below is an example of an in-office sign that Lucent Spot Marketing designed. Of course, share the message via word of mouth (WOM) with your patients. To do this, ask hygienists, dental assistants, and staff to ask patients to follow on social media.

Dental Marketing Mistake - Inform patients about social media

2. Acting like another office

Likewise, never pretend to be an office that you are not.  Hence, a modern website design feels different than a traditional office. This dental marketing mistake alters patients’ office view. With that said, the flip side is a dental marketing mistake. Namely, an office with a beautiful interior and state-of-the-art technology should show this online. In short, be true to your office’s brand, as well as, create the same ‘look and feel’ in your office and online.

3. Keyword stuffing

How does this happen? Well, keyword stuffing occurs when an office creates an ad about dentistry. That is, the image, wording, and landing page are on topic. But, to increase traffic, dentists and marketers add trendy, yet unrelated keywords. In the beginning, this may spark interest; but, you will not find new patients. This dental marketing mistake will hurt your office online.

4. Using Bad Ads

Again, using strategies that do not work is a dental marketing mistake. For example, if a digital ad, in-office giveaway, or postcard has not reached your desired results after a month, change it up. Change the words and images. After a few tweaks, if the ad is still bad, move to another offer with a unique angle.

Dental Marketing Mistakes

6. No or little budget

Dentists ask us if a marketing budget is needed. We say, yes. In most cases, a marketing budget can achieve practice goals. At Lucent Spot Marketing, we say that established offices set aside 5 – 7% of collections and a new practice uses a set amount. Most times, word of mouth will not be enough for your practice. Again, marketing budget makes your office relevant.

7. Quick answers

Marketing does not happen in one day. You can make progress in days and weeks; however, marketing takes months of hard work. Some offices try shot-gun campaigns with big results, yet, in practice, they create little to no collections or patients. Good marketing starts with a strong brand that builds on loyal patients.

8. Not updating your site

Next, patients will think your practice is slow if your website and social media pages are not kept up-to-date. Also, Google looks at sites each day and finds new content. So, if you add new content monthly, weekly, or daily Google will rank your website higher in the search results. And all, adding a blog once or twice a month with social media posts show patients you are involved online. Overall, stay active online and you will earn new patients.


9. Keeping a bad reputation

If you have ever poorly responded to a review or a patient complaint, you may be keeping a bad reputation. The saying, ‘the customer is always right’ applies here. Patients like an understanding and caring response, not an ‘I told you so’ or ‘it’s your fault’ response. Have a positive attitude and your staff will too. Also, this is what attracts life-long patients.

10. Marketing Alone

It is possible to do marketing alone; but, this may not be the best idea. A business manager, marketer, or marketing agency is a necessary tool to grow your practice to the next rung of success. For more information and marketing tips, contact, Lucent Spot Marketing.

Dental Marketing Mistake Takeaway

The foolproof way to market your practice? Be uniquely you. Stick to a brand and use it for everything. The first step is to be consistent with who you are. Secondly, make sure your office is using metrics such as conversion rates, to track the good and bad ideas. In conclusion, learning from your mistakes is vital to office growth.

What dental marketing mistakes have you made?

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  1. Great tips to help convert traffic into customers. Appreciate all of the detailed insight. Especially liked not only learning about what to do but also what not to do. This can help a business grow. Thanks!

  2. I really like that you can get a dentist that will work to put themselves out there. By having good marketing you can easily choose a dentist. My sister would love knowing that as she looks for a place to take her kids for dental hygiene checkups.

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