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Four Ways to Distinguish your Practice from Dental Competitors

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The dental practice down the street may act like dental marketing is easy, but it is not. No, it is far from easy. A quality brand takes months and years to build. To compete with the practice in town, you need a strategy. To start, read the tips below and you will be on your way to a distinguished practice from dental competitors.

1. Unique Logo

If your logo has a tooth in it, it is time to redesign. To be different from your dental competitors, your practice needs its own identity. Your goal is to be known locally. Therefore, choose a local plant, building, or staple to promote your practice. For example, if your area has a lot of Pale Verde trees, put one in your logo. You want current and future patients to see your logo feel that they are apart of your community. Below are a few location-specific logos that we designed for our clients.

Dental Competitors

2. Digital Presence

The next step is to develop an online footprint through SEO and digital marketing strategies. First, start by building a responsive and easy-to-use website. Websites that load slowly and use outdated graphics deter patients from interacting with your practice. This is a beneficial strategy to use with dental competitors. Secondly, update the content on your website regularly. One way to do this is through blogs. When your website has updated content, Google views it as relevant. This can improve your ranking when patients search for practices in your area.

3. Community Involvement

What type of local activities does your practice participate in? For example, if you run a pediatric office, do you participate in events at the local schools? Additionally, becoming involved in a local charity can build trust in your practice. This can also improve your brand recognition because people will remember your name from local events.

4. Testimonials

Patients can be your best advocates. Choose patients that have had a great experience. You can find these patients by asking them after their appointment or by looking at online reviews. Record a testimonial video, create social media posts, and share their experience in-office with poster decor. Additionally, encourage satisfied customers to share their experience through giving patients that refer a discount on their next treatment.

Challenge Dental Competitors!

As you may have noticed, there are a LOT of dental offices in communities across the country. This can make it easier for experienced dental competitors to outshine your practice. But, it does not have to be this way! Yes, you can compete with them. Follow the four tips above to set your practice apart from dental competitors in your area. For more information on strategic dental strategies, please email or call Lucent Spot Marketing.

How do you challenge dental competitors?

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