How Can a Blog Grow My Dental Practice?

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Many dentists underestimate the importance of a dental blog when growing their practice. Some view blogs as an exclusive tool for social media influencers and creative writers. However, this is not the case. Especially for a dental blog. Below are a few reasons why adopting a dental blog is beneficial to grow your dental practice.

Why Should I Have A Dental Blog?

Patient-Office Connection

Some patients visit your practice often – others, only a few times a year. It is important to stay relevant with patients within the six months between appointments. This is where a dental blog can benefit you. If your practice is currently in their mind, they are more likely to send referrals to your office. Additionally, frequent connection with patients typically develops a positive reputation.

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During a Google search, the search engine looks for the most current and relevant content. If you never change the website content, Google will view your website as outdated. This is why a dental blog is a necessary investment. With that said, producing content is only partially effective. The other piece is the keywords. Patients use these common words or phrases to search for a dentist or procedure. Focus each blog post on a separate keyword for the best results.

Patient Education

Keep¬†patients informed about dental hygiene techniques between appointments. With this usage, a dental blog can motivate a patient to achieve their best smile. Additionally, patients can learn about new oral health tools and treatments available. A dental blog can also be used as supplemental¬†promotional tools for offers and giveaways. For example, if you run a Facebook Ad with an offer for teeth whitening, release an “Advantages of in-office Whitening” blog post.

New Patient Appointments

A dental blog promoted through social media pages can act as an entryway for new patients. For example, a potential patient may click on a blog on your social media page. The link will lead them to your website. After the blog, they can further explore your website and perhaps book an appointment. The key point here is to drive new patients onto your website.

There is more behind-the-scenes leg-work in blogging than most people realize. Quality content can connect with current patients, drive new traffic to your website, and make your practice more discoverable on Google. For information about content creation service, contact Lucent Spot Marketing.

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