Can a Chatbot Improve Patient Communication?

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Patients today want a quick, easy way to book their appointments. Long gone are the days of carefully typing a phone number onto a keypad. Today patients want to click to call, or better yet, type to schedule with chatbot. Everyone from Google to Facebook to dental specific tech companies have developed tools to allow dental offices to schedule patients via a chatbot rather than the traditional phone call. In this post, we’ll dive into what chatbots are and how they can grow your dental practice.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a 24/7 artificial intelligence machine that interacts with and schedules potential patients without any office interaction. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Chatbots simply combine the information you give it with machine learning to give the patient exactly what they want, in a straight-forward manner. They can live on your website, a Facebook account, or on an alternative messaging system such as WhatsApp. On some chatbot platforms, patients can even schedule appointments through a smart home device.


Which Chatbot Should I Choose?

Chatbots can range in complexity, price, and abilities. However, the more ‘if then’ statements you program, the better it will know how to help your patients. What about HIPPA compliance? Most of the major brands should carry HIPPA compliant chatbots; however, it is best to double check with your marketing agency or chatbot company before installing the program.

Now, choosing your chatbot. According to Consumer Advocate, here are the top 10 chatbots with LivePerson being the best overall chat device. Other popular easy-to-use chatbot solution include ChatFuel, Dialogflow, and ManyChat. Many of these chatbots have free trials allowing you to test out the bot before committing to it.

Why use a Chatbot over an employee?

Many online phone systems and website plug-ins allow secure, patient communication systems with an employee in the office. At first, it may seem to be advantageous to have an employee providing a personalized, or at least human, touch to the online conversation. The only problem? Availability. Many customers want to book their appointment at 10pm before bed or 4:30am before their morning run. Most, hopefully all, offices are closed at this time… except your office! Now a patient can schedule anytime, anywhere with the tap of their finger. Therefore increasing your new patient numbers, production, collections, ROI, and so on. You don’t have to remove the website bot your scheduler uses to talk to patients during working hours, but it would be profitable to add a chatbot to work while your office is closed.


As patients become accustom to automated everyday tasks, they will begin to expect it in every part of their life. This is no different for their dental office. Using a chatbot in your dental practice will allow you to stay up-to-date with technology, increase productivity, and increase new patients. For more information about chatbots or to learn how to implement one in your practice, contact the dental marketing experts at Lucent Spot Marketing, today!

What’s your bot experience?

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