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How can Lucent Spot help me brand my dental practice?

The issue today is that there are too many choices or too many options – it has become a guessing game. The market has become saturated with dental practices or ads that offer the same services. In today’s world you have to set yourself apart from your competition. If you are not top of mind, then the potential patient is on to the next dental practice. This is why branding is important!

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is instrumental in the success of your dental practice. Your brand tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. Most people don’t realize that your brand is not only the face of your company but it actually is a true reflection of your company. The more consistent you are on branding your dental practice, the more likely customers will interpret you as being reliable and trustworthy – which means they can rely on you (the emotional connection to your business). We will help build you a strong brand website presence, which in turn will develop your company as a stronger brand. Since most business comes from referrals or word of mouth, it is important to maintain your brand so that you can connect with customers, create value and set yourself apart from your competition.

Branding Strategies

We help your dental practice create a branding strategy which will define your purpose. We will create cohesive messaging and use it consistently. Not only will this help build brand recognition, but will build brand loyalty and trust. Remember, your brand is more than just your logo. Your brand should use emotional triggers that will help your customers connect with you on a deeper level. We will work with you to really understand what your company stands for. Because your employees represent your brand, we will work with you and your staff on how to properly communicate with your patients and customers.

Branding Loyalty

Building brand loyalty is an important part of their jobs. Rewarding customers for being brand ambassadors, asking for referrals and reviews, or writing personalized letters to thank your patients all helps build brand loyalty. We will coach your staff on the importance of branding. See how we can boost your business to new levels of success.

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