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We are Dental Marketing Experts

Lucent Spot was created by Dan Johnson, our Founder and CEO.

Dan Johnson joined his brother, Dr. Benjamin Johnson in Waco, TX and started a Dental Practice. They started small with 1 office, had 4 ops, procured about $60k a month in production, and were seeing 20 new patients a month.

After a lot of “frustrations” and “hurdles,” they created a business and a system that worked. Dan and Ben created marketing techniques that were tailored specifically to the Dental Industry.

They were spending their money “wisely” to create profit and growth year after year leading to 3 current locations! Within 4 years, they were achieving over $300k in production and collections and seeing over 250 new patients a month!


After meeting with dental practices throughout the US, and discussing Dan’s marketing strategies, Lucent Spot was formed. Dan’s goal was to help new doctors and existing dental practices create and maintain the same success he had helped his brother accomplish.

Using his knowledge, experience, Lucent Spot has been able to transform dental offices all over the country. Lucent Spot wants to make sure that you are the visionary for your office and that your goals are achieved using these proven strategies. We believe we are in the people business and that we are helping dentists help people.

Dental Marketing in Waco, TX just got easier! Whether you are looking for a new website, help with SEO and website rankings, or Design Services, look no further! We are a marketing company who can help you with all your marketing needs. Contact us today!

Dan Johnson

Founder and CEO


Dan Johnson

Founder & CEO

Lauren Tighe

Marketing Director
AKA…Marketing Mastermind

Ninja Sean Piper

SEO-centric wizard & Director of webs

Christina Jones

Webmaster to all Space and Time

Sara Feipel

Social Media Tsar & Content SAVANT

Ken Biery

Director of Partner Relations and Sales

(the people person)

Oriana Villarreal

Grand Poobah of Graphic Design

Lu – The Lizard Monkey



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