10 Cs of Employee Engagement

The 10 Cs of Employee Engagement

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If you are feeling a lull in your practice, you are not alone. When your team feels disinterested in your work and practice goals, it is hard to stay motivated. Employee engagement can increase collections, enhance the workplace environment, and make your patients more comfortable! Here are a few ways you can jump-start your practice through the 10 Cs of employee engagement.

What are the 10 Cs of Employee Engagement for a Dental Practice?

As you may have realized by now, a business strategy is not complete without a good mnemonic. The 10 Cs of employee engagement are as follows, clarity, convey, control, connect, credibility, contribute, collaborate, career, and congratulate. The 10 Cs of employee engagement can be broken down into three overarching categories: transparency, communication, and personal success. Read below to learn how you can implement these tactics and enhance your practice’s employee engagement!

1. Transparency

  • Clarity

    If you have not shared your practice vision with your staff, do so. Plan a meeting to explain where the practice is now and how you want it to perform in 5 and 10 years from now. You also need to explain why you are moving the practice in this direction. It is just as important for your staff to know why you chose this path. Simply, explain your mission. Perhaps, you may want to increase your patient base to help more people in your community. Or, you may want to provide more dental implant services as an alternative to dentures in your area. Being clear and open with your team will improve employee engagement in the long run.

  • Convey

    Once your team knows where and why you are moving toward a goal, show them how they fit into the puzzle. What is their role in the practice and how can they help the practice reach their goals? This may seem like a small detail, but it will enhance employee engagement!

  • Control

    Contrary to your first inclination, this does not describe the dentist’s control over their employees. Rather, control in the 10 Cs of employee engagement means the amount of control or autonomy a team member has over their own job. Simply, involve your team in decision making and let them make decisions for themselves in their jobs. No one wants to be micromanaged.

10 Cs of Employee Engagement

2. Communication

  • Connect

    Even though you should let your team members make decisions by themselves, they should still understand and appreciate their greater role in the team. Allow your team members to speak freely to you and other team members. Enhance employee engagement by making your team feel comfortable around each other. A bit of chatting and team bonding can go a long way!

  • Credibility

    Another facet of connecting with your employees is holding the entire team to a high ethical standard. Be clear about your expectations. Additionally, be understanding and open with your team so they feel comfortable confiding in you about ethical issues in the practice. When your team feels safe in their work environment, you will enhance employee engagement.

  • Contribute 

    Remind your employees that their actions today will impact the practice in the long run. They are an integral part of the practice’s success. If your team feels like their contributions to the practice have an impact, they will be more motivated and engaged in their job.

  • Collaborate

    Once your team feels comfortable around each other, it will be easier for them to work together. A good dental team communicates and works together to provide the best environment for their patients.

3. Personal Success

  • Career

    On the same note, show your employees how their role in the practice is not just another job. Actually, it is a stepping stone in their overall career. If your team feels they are growing professionally, they will feel more apt to work harder and learn more.

  • Congratulate

    Lastly, when a team member shows they are working hard to help your practice reach its goals, reward them! This can be done intangibly by recognizing their hard work at a team meeting or thanking them in private. It can also be done tangibly, such as a promotion, bonus, and a pay increase. Try to congratulate at least one team member each week. This will improve team morale and enhance employee engagement.

Now that you know the 10 Cs to enhance employee engagement, use them! It is never too late to start building a winning dental team. For more coaching tips or marketing strategies, contact our expert dental marketing team at Lucent Spot Marketing. 

How do you enhance employee engagement in your practice?

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